Monday, July 17, 2006

The stone-faced President - Putin

Below is my comment on the article "Russia's New World Order" of the TIME magazine dated July 10, 2006.

With the continuous surge of the oil price, Russia has re-emerged as the powerful counter party to the United States, the unchallenged mighty power in the world. The G-8 summit at St.Petersburg this time seems to be the most appropriate venue for Putin to show his intelligence and delicacy to be able to coordinate with other G-8 nations and China representing as one of the big disturbing powers on many urgent issues in Lebanon, Iran and North Korea.

The existence of the U.S. as the single superpower is the problem, but the re-emergence of Russia not only solves it but may complicate it with argument divided further because the world leadership behind G-8 summit would become more tripolar, namely the first group of the US and Japan, the second of Europe and the third of Russia and China.


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