Saturday, December 10, 2005

Italy vs China - A Tale of Two Towns in the Chair market

The fierce competition in the market economy shrinks the distance of real miles and minds of people between the two towns and cities as Manzano in Italy and Anji in China but widens the distance of minds of people there.

Who could imagine a decade ago that in the chair market, the once flourished town of good chairs exported around the world was suddenly replaced by the tiny unrenouned town of Anji taking over the once-dominant share by Manzano?

One important lesson from this episode is that this could happen everywhere including your workplace and your home town unless you go on trying hard to make better goods and services to your customers by keeping high motivation and innovation.

"Italy vs China" TIME, Page 34, December 5, 2005


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TIME is such a good one. I didn't even know about it. I don't have to write this in English by the way. UTF-8 is such a good one, too! ではまたね。

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