Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Right Royal Makeover

Below is my comment on your article of "A Right Royal Makeover " Page 36  TIME, November 7, 2005

British royal family still has a big image problem solely due to Prince Charles’ unhappy past with Diana not only to the people in England but in the rest of the world. I am one of them who still have some doubts on him.

He will be happy to read your article showing his good image as a philanthropist who is leading more than 15 foundations raising big money and attracting ten of thousands of volunteers.

However, whether or not he can restore his image depends not on the official outings with a new wife Camilla arranged by his royal staff, but on his continuous and silent effort at home to contribute to those who have not with his strong passion and belief. Public relations by his staff could be easily found out and add minus images.


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