Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wolfowitz Shows His Commitment To Poverty

Below is my comment on the article of "The Other Side of Paul Wolfowitz " Page 50  TIME, June 27, 2005

Your article on Paul Wolfowitz shows us how important a leader rushes to the scene first and takes the initiative to capture the minds of the subordinates. The scene on the spot was Africa where he found himself on the front line of the war on poverty.

Despite that many of the 8,000 staff in the huge and rigid bureaucracy of the World Bank are skeptical of Wolfowitz as a neocon leader, his quick move with warmth changed their minds from negative to positive as a man of realizing the mission almost impossible, namely reducing poverty in Africa.

I do hope that he devotes himself to the daunting task of changing the World Bank and forgets about his past behaviors as a neocon leader.


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