Sunday, May 22, 2005

Xbox and Playstation-Another round starts

Below is my comment on TIME article of "Out of The X Box?"(Page 32  TIME, May 23, 2005)

Your article on the Xbox tried to show us the new strategy of Bill Bates empire to gain the dominant share of home entertainment market over Sony. Yes, game players could feel the differences between the old Xbox and the new version on such points as the warm and friendly design, more realistic views and motions of game software and the machine concept by itself made in a more un-Microsoft way.

However, I still can find nothing revolutionary in and outside of the Xbox 360 if you compare it with the debut of Windows series or Steve Job’s i-Pod. At this moment, neither can Sony nor Nintendo.

If Bill Gates really wants to conquer the living rooms of the computer users all around the world, something new and great is needed to fully destroy the old image of Microsoft as Windows for business and to attract people’s appetite to play when the entertainment giant Sony is resting her laurels.


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