Friday, March 07, 2008

China's Short March

Below is my comment on the article of 「China's Short March」 , TIME dated on February 25, 2008.

After looking at the photos of your article, I was appalled to know that the impact of China’s Short March seems to be enormously bigger than any suburbanizations that had happened in many advanced economies, especially Japan and the United States for the last several decades.

If this kind of rapid suburbanization spreads all across China, more and more people in the middle and upper class will commute by their own cars between homes and offices, use air conditioning at home and water for gardening with emitting vast amount of carbon dioxide and to shortening the water supply, resulting to accelerate global warming in the near future.

However, we, as the citizens of the advanced economies, can’t blame them simply for high carbon emissions since we have done the same kind of behaviors in the past. Instead, we should give them some advice, technical and financial support to prevent them from going to catastrophe together with us.


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