Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Simple Solution

Below is my comment on "A Simple Solution", the article of TIME magazine issued on October 16th, 2006.

Sensationalism sometimes covers the truth behind the norm believed by many people on earth. So long I have had little doubt that the main killers of children in the developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia are the avian flu, HIV and starvation until your article gave me an awakening fact of diarrheal diseases as the grave cause of many deaths of those poor children over there.

What is more striking for me is that only a pinch of sugar and salt with clean water can be available for them to revive. I do appreciate your effort to let us know this simple solution for the survival of the children in those countries and do hope as many governments, world organizations and celebrities all over the world as possible realize the importance of this simple solution and mobilize the needed fund as early as possible.


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