Sunday, June 15, 2008

Improbable Paradise --- Seashores in Cambodia

Below is my comment on the article "Improbable Paradise" of TIME dated on June 9, 2008, posted to TIME magazine on June 10, 2008.

カンボジアYour report on the rapid developments of many remote and once unknown beaches in Cambodia reminds me of the happy and curious moment when I found out some fascinating sightseeing spots on the Google Earth. As the globalization accelerates all across the planet, many foreign investors are now rushing to such intriguing but untouched areas as the seashores in Cambodia to earn a huge sum of money by making them the world-class resorts. First they start only curiosity like myself on the web, and then money and greed dominate their minds.

カンボジアのケプビーチIn the early stages, Cambodia people could benefit a lot from those economic developments led by the foreign capital, but later they would be sorry for the massive destruction of the natural environments around those areas caused by the greedy logic of capitalism, unless strong monitoring on those development projects are enacted by the government or the world class organizations to support the local people who live their lives there. Local people should have a stake in local developments, not foreigners. The trade off between economic development and natural environment are becoming the big issue everywhere on earth. Cambodia is not the exception.